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The results and recommendations from 23 years of on-property R&D with commercial cattle and sheep breeders. We specialise in precision scanning for pregnancy and ageing of foetus in cattle and for litter number in sheep and in helping to raise cow fertility and lamb survival in stud and commercial breeding enterprises.
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Ultrasound scanning of cattle

 c1. Use ALSSgroup to scan your cattle

ALSS group has a reputation for highly accurate scanning and in addition, there are many other reasons why we would like you to choose us to scan your cows.


c2. Services offered and scale of charges for scanning cattle

ALSSgroup offers an extensive range of services at competitive rates.

c3. Why test for pregnancy in cattle using imaging ultrasound?

The use of imaging ultrasound for determining the pregnancy status of cows and heifers offers significant advantages over manual testing.

c4. Identify fertile heifers and fertility EBVs

The most direct indicator of fertility in cows and heifers is the number of days that it takes to get pregnant. This page describes how to use this trait in your herd.

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